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Fridge Repairs Pretoria

Home and Commercial Appliance Repair, Installation and Consultation

We at fridge Repair Pretoria specialise in servicing and repairing your home or commercial refrigeration units. Our professional technical staff will inform you at every step of the repair process of what caused the problem and how it will completely be resolved. From minor leaks to a leaky water valve, we cover it all and make your experience a stress free and seamless one. It is with our technical and professional commitment that we set up your appointment with total urgency and readiness to repair your fridge. At Appliance Repair Pretoria, we know how difficult it is to continue on a daily basis without a working fridge. And this is exactly why we have focused our training and expertise on very thorough refrigerator and freezer repair diagnostic techniques and resolution. We repair and service all major brands of refrigeration units, from your common home appliance to commercial stand up and under the counter varieties.

Reliable Fridge Repairs Pretoria City😎

Fridge repairs pretoria

Let know for your fridge Repairs Pretoria if experiencing any of the following symptoms😉

  • Not making ice
  • Making a clicking noise
  • Not cooling in freezer or refrigerator section
  • Not dispensing ice or water from dispenser

Fridge Freezer Repair Pretoria

Whether you’re a business who relies on your fridge freezers to keep your food safe, or a homeowner who ensures that nothing goes to waste because of a broken fridge or freezer, you do know that your freezer is important – when it needs to be fixed, it needs to be fixed fast and professionally. Appliance Repair Pretoria Refrigeration division offers extensive freezer repair services to help ensure your freezer stays just as frosty as you’d like it to be, no matter what.

Your freezer is one of those parts of your home that you don’t often think about until something goes wrong. A malfunctioning freezer can be the cause of headaches, lost food, lost money and even potential damage to your home. The key to avoiding any long-term damage is getting your freezer repair done quickly and properly by technicians like ours who know exactly what they’re doing. At Toronto Refrigeration, our qualified freezer repair technicians can handle any kind of repair job, big or small, major or minor, as well as performing scheduled and emergency maintenance work to keep your appliance running.

Will You Repair My fridge Brand?

No matter what the brand of your freezer or fridge is or where you bought it, our experts are qualified to troubleshoot and repair a wide range of name-brand models, including LG, Whirlpool, Bosch, Sub Zero, Defy, Samsung, Maytag and more. We also stock a selection of freezer and refrigerator parts for all the brands we service, this option makes you never to worry about experiencing a delay in your repair because of a missing part. From routine freezer issues like broken thermostats and leaking coolant to more complicated problems and repairs, we can help with any kind of problem – not to mention the fact that we offer some of the most affordable and consistent pricing in the Pretoria freezer repair industry. Plus, every repair we make is backed by our Service

Freezer Repairs Pretoria

6 months Satisfaction Guarantee!

How does a refrigerator work?

Some helpful tips in Pretoria for your fridge: A refrigerator is very similar to a residential air conditioner. The main components is the Compressor, Evaporator, condenser and capillary tube. The refrigerant passes through copper tubing which is know as the evaporator, always located in the freezer side. As the tubes get cold, the fan circulates that cold air into the fridge side. The thermostat senses the temperature which is located in the fridge side. The thermostat shuts off the compressor once the temperature is reached, usually 40 degrees but this can be adjusted. 

what is the best temperature setting:

Mostly It depends on the person, but usually a good setting from 1 to 8 is 5. Right in the middle is always best. Sometimes the freezer has a setting, this should be adjusted to 1 which mean more air flows into the fridge side. A lot of people think that turning the freezer all the way up is a good thing, it is not. the caveat of not adjusting your freezer temperature properly is that It shuts a manual vent which means more air in the freezer but less air in the fridge. 

What is contained in the electrical components of a fridge

Are you a do it Yourself? DIY can be very difficult on a refrigerator repair. There is also the defrost cycle, which is made up of three main components. The timer which is usually in the fridge section, The defrost thermostat which is in the freezer and also the heater which is also in the freezer section. If any one of these go bad, you will have major problems. The compressor usually has a fan but not always. The fan cools down the compressor to make sure the compressor doesn’t get too hot you should know that if a compressor does, it may go bad. It is not recommended to handle these problems on your own. It is always recommended to call a professional technician. Electricity and gas can be very dangerous.