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Gas stove repairs and parts replacement

With over 35 field of qualified technicians ready on call to come to your site for same day repair service on appliance for residential and commercial

Vetted Repair Professional

Are You Looking for parts ?

Please be advised that we do not sell parts but we replace parts! The good about us is that we come with an original part and install it for you with no excess fee on top – just standard labour, unlike buying a part and again you have to call-out a technician. There are uncertainties that may arise, long response from service providers and probably not being assisted at the end of the day

the flame of the gas stove appliance is trhe determiner of how the parts are performing up tp the task, failure to produce good or “pleasant” flame, the gas/electric stove needs attention:

  • Grate  – this part if need arise for replacement it is found that it is broken.

  • Knob – Also known as controllers normally knobs would want to be cleaned, it may happen that one break the knob while tryin to remove it from the connected valve 
  • Ignitor  – No spark, no flame. If you’re cleaning your gas stove, make sure you use recommended cleaning materials, too much water can go through into the wiring.

  • Valve –  The knobs are liable with the valve to work together to release gas, if this valve is blocked, you won’t be able to hear gas running from the pipes, else the valve has worn out.   
  • Jet Nozzle – Also this part can be blocked through small food crumbs or even water during a cleanin process.  

Samsung | Bosch | Smeg | LG | AEG | Defy| Whirlpool

Vetted Repair Professional

Lets get into details of troubleshooting

Gas stove and oven common problems are always similar that’s why one would presumptuously think they can repair them, but we are looking at a very dangerous substance, only qualified technicians can handle gas appliance and installation.                             

The fastest way to make any problem small is to identify the problem and have part(s) or necessities to solve it. Lets get into it:

  • Stove Top Knobs Are Hard to Turn – Food spills and grease cause this. Clean the knobs by pulling them carefully then soak them in warm water mixed with soap

  • Weak or uneven flame – Here food particles clogged the burner. 

    The oven wont heat up – Elements here are the culprit, they need to be replaced.     
  • The burner won’t come on – The classic problem, the switch can be the problem, or you can swap the burners to check if the other is still alright.        
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Maybe during your reading process you have not come across the brand you posses at your home, worry not about that, home appliance may vary with brands but they do the same work and have the same parts which only differ with product ID from the manufacture site to the shops, are you free to BOOK A REPAIR with us. We’ll repeat the same statement, our confidence in our past reports from our clients who built with us a relationship. 

How we Work

For Over 10 Years Of Repair Service

upfront fee

Our clients Must have a knowledge that there's a callout fee of R350 for a specialist to come and do inspection.

Cashless Payment

Clients are allowed to use electronical payment after a service has been done

Our Warranty

We offer a warranty of 6Months after a repair, what a convenience!

Onsite Inspection

Mainly we do our repairs onsite(you will be presented with a suggestion on the course of action and the estimated cost of the repair) and if needed some repairs we do them down at the workshop.

Live Monitoring

Our technicians are on tabs with our administration department, this is for client-repairer confidentiality.

Reliable Appliance Repair PTA Tshwane

We take our work seriously for the benefit of customer recommendation and trust. Relationship between a repairer and a client is brought together by that essential  broken appliance, of which we are aiming to offer the best affordable repairs service in pretoria. We offer 24/7 emergency commercial refrigeration repair in Pretoria Tshwane, Pretoria East. Pretoria West, Pretoria North, Centurion. Call us today, and talk with one of our knowledgeable Appliance repair technicians to learn more about the services we provide.


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Appliance Repair Pretoria

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More Brands

Appliance Repair Pretoria
Appliance Repair Pretoria

These Are Brands We Repair

We have earned our trust with these big brands and makes of all sort of home and commercial appliance, the confidence is in our past service or repairs we have made

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No one is certain of when their essential appliance might break down or malfunction, ARP is here for that emergency appliance repairs near me callout.

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Good Arrival time

They say time is money, and your money wont go to waste, we have professional technicians who strive to always be on time.


Same-day repair services

we understand the urgency of a daily used appliance, at ARP we fixed your appliance at first sight and it will be ready for good use


Certified and Trained Technicians

No one would need their appliance to be fixed by a beginner who doesn't know their job well, our company has very highly skilled technicians who've been repairing appliances for more than a decade now.

Appliance Repair Pretoria

There's no greater feeling than relief after your appliance has been fixed and working like a other normal days, my gas stove surface burner was not giving flame, with just a call for ApplianceRepair it was sorted and affordably so.

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Appliance Repair, services and does maintenances of these sophisticated brands of all make and model. The home appliances we commonly repair are Washing machine, Dishwasher, Electric stove, Gas Stove etc. You're more than welcome to give us a call, we can assist with repairs if it is anything not listed above.

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