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We offer comprehensive services for Chiller Refrigeration Repairs in Pretoria for any design either for industrial, estate or a commercial site.  

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Chiller Design Consultations

Embark on a journey toward a bespoke cooling system with our expert design consultations. Our team collaborates with you to understand your unique requirements, offering tailored designs that maximize efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.


Our industry-certified technicians bring unmatched expertise. We prioritize reliability with prompt responses and strict SLA commitments. Stay innovative with the latest chiller technology for enhanced efficiency. Experience tailored solutions that meet your business’s specific needs. From repairs to design, we cover every aspect of chiller systems comprehensively.



All work is done under strict monitoring and our team have good client to technician communication skill.


Trane, Carrier, Daikin, York, Mitsubishi Electric, LG, Thermax, Bosch Thermotechnology, Lennox, and Panasonic


Our teams are well trained and failure to repair on same day plan, surely next day repair will finish the work.


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Common Chiller Problems

Cooling systems play a crucial role in fulfilling the temperature needs of various industrial processes, consequently, utilizing substantial energy within these establishments. Consequently, operators need to prioritize the proper operational and maintenance strategies to optimize system efficiency, guarantee extended lifespan, and reduce energy expenses.

Chiller Service Level Agreements (SLA):

For businesses that prioritize uninterrupted cooling solutions, our customizable SLA packages guarantee timely inspections, priority service, and exclusive benefits. Choose the SLA that aligns with your operational needs, ensuring reliability and peace of mind.

Chiller Renting:

Explore our flexible chiller rental options designed for short-term needs or during maintenance periods. Our modern, energy-efficient units are available for temporary deployment, providing reliable cooling solutions without the long-term commitment.

Chiller Supply:

Explore our flexible chiller rental options designed for short-term needs or during maintenance periods. Our modern, energy-efficient units are available for temporary deployment, providing reliable cooling solutions without the long-term commitment.

At Appliance Repair Pretoria, we don’t just fix problems; we optimize performance. Contact us today for a consultation and experience the pinnacle of chiller services tailored for your success.

Who We Work With | Service, Repairs And Maintenance (SLA)

  1. Commercial Buildings:

    • Chiller systems are often installed in commercial buildings such as offices, malls, and hotels to regulate indoor temperatures efficiently.
  2. Industrial Facilities:

    • Industries, including manufacturing plants, chemical processing facilities, and other large-scale industrial operations, often require chillers for process cooling.
  3. Data Centers:

    • Data centers generate a significant amount of heat due to the operation of servers. Chillers are used to maintain the optimal temperature for the proper functioning of equipment.
  4. Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities:

    • Chillers are essential for maintaining precise temperature control in critical areas like laboratories, pharmacies, and medical storage facilities within hospitals and healthcare facilities.
  5. Food Processing Plants:

    • Chiller installations are crucial in the food industry for maintaining proper temperatures during various stages of food processing and storage.
  6. Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Facilities:

    • Chiller systems play a vital role in maintaining controlled environments for research, development, and production processes in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.
  7.  Educational Institutions:

    Universities, research laboratories, and educational facilities often require chillers for climate control in scientific research areas and classrooms.


  1. Commercial Kitchens and Restaurants:

Chillers are used in commercial kitchens and restaurants for refrigeration and to maintain optimal temperatures for food storage.

  1. Cold Storage Warehouses:

Cold storage warehouses use chillers for maintaining low temperatures required for storing perishable goods and maintaining their quality.

  1. Sports Arenas and Event Venues:

Large event venues and sports arenas use chillers for air conditioning and to create a comfortable environment for spectators and participants.

  1. Greenhouses:

Chiller installations are used in controlled environment agriculture, such as in greenhouses, to regulate temperatures for optimal plant growth.

  1. Telecommunication Facilities:

Chiller systems are employed in telecommunication facilities to cool electronic equipment and prevent overheating.

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People Also Ask:

Inspect your tubing for potential kinks and examine the skimmer for any debris. If the skimmer or intake becomes obstructed, the pump won’t receive water. This obstruction can lead to the pump shutting off or running dry, potentially causing motor damage. Additionally, debris may hinder the impeller from spinning properly.




Verify and replenish refrigerant levels as needed to address this problem. In the case of compressor failure, the chiller’s cooling efficiency is compromised as it cannot circulate refrigerant properly. To resolve this issue, repair or replace the compressor is necessary.

Chillers ought to undergo weekly assessments for leaks, control operation, and water quality. Items like load balances and limits merit biannual inspections. A comprehensive cleaning, examination of the electrical system, and other maintenance tune-ups should be conducted on an annual basis.


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