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Home and Commercial Appliance Repair, Installation and Consultation

Over The years Appliance Repair Pretoria, has provided excellent repairs service on Domestic and Commercial appliances including Fridges, Walk in Coolers, Washing machine repairs, Dishwasher, TV repairs, Stoves, Gas hobs and oven service and repairs.

The ARP company of Pretoria specialises in both domestic fridges and commercial refrigeration unit for repairs and installations.

  • Wine fridge 
  • Under counter refrigerators  / Bar Fridge
  • Deep freezers
  • walk in Coolers
  • Blast Freezer
  • Double door fridges
Samsung Fridge Repairs , Bosch Fridge Repairs, Defy fridge repairs, AEG fridge, LG, Sub Zero, Maytag,

Certified professionals in Pretoria for all washing Machine makes and models. The Appliance Repair Pretoria in house technicians receive gradual training on new models of appliance. We are  qualified to work on Brands such as Bosch, LG, SMEG, Defy, 

front load washing machine repairs pretoria

Oven down time or general service, we are your friendly choice for all Oven repair needs in Pretoria.

“Do NOT self-clean your oven the day before the big party you are hosting.  Some of the most common service calls for oven repair are caused by the self-clean getting stuck or dying during the extremely high heat cycle of the self-clean (where ovens can get up to 800-900 degrees).  By doing the self-clean cycle two weeks before your party, you will avoid that panicked call to your friendly appliance repair man”.


Listed below are some of the typical inspection, cleaning, repair, and maintenance tasks we perform for Pretoria gas stove and gas fireplace owners:

  • Inspection & cleaning of air inlets open.
  • Self ignition units occasionally need replacement.
  • Repair and replacement of cracked or dislodged glass panels.
  • Repair or replacement of loose or damaged wiring.
  • Diagnosing problems with control and thermostatic systems.
  • Diagnosing “my stove doesn’t work like it used to” problems.
  • Inspection, cleaning, and sealing  vents, and exhaust/intake systems.
  • Inspection, lubrication, repair and replacement of blowers and fans.
  • Inspection and replacement door gaskets.
  • Cleaning of exhaust passages behind the burn chamber.
  • Cleaning of the heat exchanger system.
  • Cleaning of glass viewing windows.

Wine Coolers

A broken or poorly functioning wine refrigerator can make for a lackluster wine-drinking experience. Get your wine cooler repaired fast so you can get back to entertaining!  Appliance Repair Pretoria® offers top-notch wine refrigerator repair and routine maintenance.

Appliance Repair Pretoria® dishwasher repair service professionals come in! From extended wash cycles to drain problems, a variety of issues may be keeping your dishwasher from giving you the quality results you expect. Our expert technicians are here to help you identify the issue and find a quick solution. We also offer routine dishwasher maintenance to extend the service life of your appliance.