What are the most popular Gas Ranges in South Africa?

What are the most popular gas ranges in South Africa 2023? We’ll be looking at what our local residents have in their homes for cooking and baking. There are beautifully designs of gas ranges that are ideal for domestic use – bringing the chef experience in your kitchen space as well; And, also the hard looking industrial ranges ideally to prepare customer’s food fast, make them appealing and of course mouthwatering.   

There are popular gas ranges in different makes which are:
  • Free-Standing: This make of gas range is the most frequently found in different areas of the country. Physically you will notice burners and an oven- beneath, and you can place it anywhere in the kitchen where you’d feel like it can complement the look.
  • Built-In: The built-in gas range ideally they are “built-in” to your counter, as the oven now in this situation will be separately placed nicely on the wall.
  • Slide-In: Exactly as you thought about it. You just have to slide the range in between your tailor made kitchen cabinet, but you’re not limited in positioning your stove. Lastly, you will notice a top coverage to help integrate with your countertop

There are no limits of choice for homeowners when it comes to cooking gas ranges in South Africa. Your budget is what unlocks all possibilities of owning one of the elite gas ranges in town, and giving yourself an extravagant superhuman experience in the kitchen with those foreign recipes. Mentioned are the most reliable brands when it comes to gas ranges: Bosch, Smeg, AEG, Elba, Tecno, and Defy 


Wrapped up with reliable warranties and trusted company names for above gas stoves brands are considered to be worthy for investment in them by manufactures.

Should One Consider To Switch From Electric To Gas Fueled Range?

By now we are fully aware that the president has declared loadsheding as national state of disaster. Therefore, the majority of people are switching to renewable energy solutions aka “back-up power” or solar energy.  However, some of the South African households have been using gas equipment for a longer period of time, further to commercial and industrial sites.

Their advantage was saving more on electricity bill then, even though these days with the economic crisis the value of commodities has gone up and the price increase on gas refill has become a bit steep, especially if you have to fill a 48kg gas bottle for ZAR1500 after a week. The transition from electric to gas can be worrisome for a first time gas stove buyer. You may need to call in a certified gas technician to assist with orientation.   

Go the gas way in 2023 

By choosing ARP to be your gas stove installer in Pretoria to fit in your beautiful kitchen set up today is wise, as you become one for individuals who are promoting sustainable living in South Africa. It is not only that, it is a practical beneficial aspect of your home either being appealing, efficient or cost-effective.

After you have selected the gas stove of your choice, it is advised that it must be listed on Safe Appliance Database. All gas equipment that are marked safe to use in the country are listed here and it’s essential that your model meets the safety requirements before any installation. Seeff has all the latest advice and listing in case you’re looking to upgrade on your kitchen look and feel.  

Author: ARP

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