How to fix a washer that won't spin

 As you have identified the problem, clearly following the troubleshooting steps to solve the issue shouldn’t be a hussle; kindly be warned that technical problems require professional washing machine repair.

  • The washer won’t empty or spin. Most washer are unable to move to the next cycle if they are not drained. Still water in your machine is not advisable(as it may operate or can’t move to the next cycle). Drain hoses are much easier to check if they are not clogged, you may look into them. By unclogging the drainage hose, you’re enabling a drain function as well. Start by turning power off from the breaker. Then, remove the drain hose from the back of your washer (you will need a bucket to collect remaining water either from the hose or machine). You may use warm water to unclog the blockage.

  • The washer drains but won’t spin. If your switch is faulty(also if misplaced), your spin cycle will definitely fail. When ready to wash, this small switch should be pressed down by the lid-enabling the spin function. To troubleshoot this, while the lid is opened, press down manually with your finger and start a spin cycle. If the drum turns, the switch probably isn’t a culprit but may be mispositioned. You may be successful to bend the spin switch back into place for functionality. However, that maybe a sign that, it’s best to have an appliance pro look at it to ensure it continues to work properly. 

A broken drive belt can be a culprit even after you have tried a switch test from our above suggestion. You will have to consider calling an expert to come and look at the drive belt if its dislocated from its position or its out. A slipped belt can be re-positioned, but a worn-out one needs to be replaced. 

  • The washer is not spinning at full speed. Look into the load weight in the drum, check also your user manual to see the correct load. You will notice when the washer runs that it keeps on moving forward position. It is highly recommended that, the laundry should be a small size load ensuring the washer level is on its pedestal.

  • The washer stops after few seconds of spinning. When there’s an interruption during the spin cycle, the drive motor can be burning out and would need replacement, that task should be performed by a trained technician

  • The wash stopped working at all. This check is the easiest, look at the plug if is not loose or not plugged out. Note that, heavy duty appliances should be plugged directly to the wall socket, not from the extension cord. If you check the breaker box and notice that it has tripped or blown a fuse, the next step would be contacting a local electrician to further assist if the task would be complicated for you 

Sign that the washing machine is not spinning normally.
  • A homeowner may quickly pick up the problem with the washer while it is spinning very easy: some even can’t see or hear their machines as they are on a secluded areas such us the garage, and basement. But below are signs that you washer needs a technical approach:
  • Clothes come out soaked.  

  • You can’t hear, feel, or see the spin cycle.  

  • Heavier loads wont come out clean.  

  • You notice a mildew terrible smell.

When to Call an Expert for a Faulty Drum For Your Washing Machine 

Thanks to the back breaking appliance in the house, making sure that activities such as laundry is well taken care of, the problem would be a situation suddenly arising of the washer not spinning. If the suggested solutions couldn’t help, kindly call out the expert. At ARP we can assist you with your faulty washing machine and get it running again. To get started, schedule an appointment online or call us at +27(0)61 642 2513 today.


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