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The big question for a working class group who are still trying to make ends meet, either they are a married young, old couple or a roommates,  will allows have this question with them :- Should I buy a used home appliance? Below we are going to see the good and  bad side of buying a second hand appliance. Let’s get into it.

Household Appliances Market Overview: The home appliances across the globe, its market was valued at $501,532 million in the year 2017 and is projected to reach $763,451 million by the end 2025, growing at a CAGR of 5.4% from 2018 to 2025. Household appliances are mainly classified in three categories: white goods, consumer electronics, small appliances.

The Pandemic played a huge role to switch the energy consumption in many households, forcing also families to look into buying or we can say adding certain apparatus in their homes. As the report would come from the workshop by our tech team, we’d capture new data of more than one fridge, and the other would located in the garage. Of course for storing more food products, as the situation was putting consumers in that position.  

Doing A Research Before Purchasing a Second Hand Appliance

There are certain realities that are unavoidable when it comes to purchasing a used white goods, you’re likely to get (if not worse) problems. But we can not deny the other advantage of buying a second hand home appliance for yourself. What to expect if you decide to go the second-hand way

Year(aka Lifespan)

You must be knowledgeable about when the seller bought their appliance, and for how long with you can it last.  “Mostly when the appliance has broken down, client seem hard to pay the accepted quote, we had many cases whereby a customers won’t pay after the repairs has be done for them, which is very unfair for us a business” said Brandon Fuller, the manager and co – founder of ApplianceRepair Pretoria. 

Where to buy your appliance

After conducting a research, you’re clear on making a move to where to buy your appliance. There are platform that classify free ads for “appliances for sale” , Metaverses’ Facebook marketplace, Junk mail, Locanto South Africa, Ads African and more. You can begin there, just sign up for free and start getting notifications via you email. 

Has the appliance undergone some repairs before?

Very important to know this part before putting your money into the drain. Black market often have no refunds, you can’t even return the purchased items. And a second owner know the exact parts that were repaired instead of replacement. This will give you a clear understanding of the machine’s history and you’re likely going to be prepared just incase a problem arise, lets say in the previously mentioned place.

If I decide to repair the appliance, is it worth?

Honestly that’s between you an yourself. However get the appliance repairs expert through and let them advise you on that matter, so that if your instincts were right of not repairing your apparatus or maybe it might be the other way round. But let’s say, for example, a fridge freezer of over 18 years at the repair cost of R2000 and was bought at R2800, it is better to buy a new one, and struggle a bit without a cooling unit for a minutes while you’re saving up for new, durable and stress free refrigerator.


For every decision made when buying a second hand kitchen equipment, make sure you understand fully what you’re getting yourself into. We have discussed lightly on what to look at when purchasing white goods, good into advantages and disadvantages, and where exactly to go to when you have made up your minding to buy that wanted appliance, lastly we mentioned about the value of the products and market price in terms of years and repairs.