How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Washing Machine?

The breaking down of your washing machine is bound to happen but you need to understand that every appliance repair company has its own standard pricing which may or may not favor you. But it doesn’t mean start seeking cheap labour of unprofessional technical support guys out there.

Expectations You Must Have To Get Your Washing Machine Repaired In SA

At any moment it happens that your washing machine malfunctions and you call for assistance from the repairs company, expect to pay after a service has been rendered. Also bare in mind that when you have a specific type of brand, the parts can be a bit costly and the nature of problem adds more to the chances of the parts.

Moreover lets say you decide to buy a part but you need only installation, you’re going to pay a call out fee and a standard labour charge. You’re looking at R 450 Call – Out + R 950 Labour, else the company source the part the price increase.

Who You Mustn't Call Out For Repairs

Most compan9es that offer cheap labour in the name of “beating the market price” often provide poor workmanship and they are nowhere to be found if you try to reach them once again, so it t advisable to take time when calling out some repair company near you to avoid throwing your money in the trash can. You’re likely to pay for labour and call out R1200 including parts, that’s what they would say.

Our advice would be to always do your research and ask friends, family or work colleagues for recommendations, as well as reading their Google reviews and checking social media profiles.

How Long Does It Take For The Repair To be Complete?

Highly recommended appliance repairs company will offer you a same-day or next-day washing machine repairs, this enables you to be flexible if you’ll have to work from home to monitor everything and do other things with a tailored booking date. 

There are 80% chances of your appliance to be worked on on a first visit, if it happens that your machine really needs a new part t needs to be ordered and you will have to wait until the part is available.

Can I Fix My Washing Machine Or should I Use A Professional Service?

We highly recommend with all honesty that, call out a professional Washing machine repair specialist to assist you using their well accumulated knowledge and experience of which with their right tools they cant damage your machine body or screws. But if you’re feeling more than able to fix the washer yourself, there are many video on YouTube you can check for firstly, troubleshooting, and lastly repairing. 

When You Should Use A Professional Repair Service?

Always know that when your washing machine is tripping power, making heavy strange noise or is leaking or not spinning at all this is when you should use a professional repair service.

The dangerous action one would take would be against the electric safety measures, as we know basically that water and electricity don’t collide. 

When Do You Tell That Your Washing Machine Is Worth Repairing Or Not?

The common factors that indicate that your washing machine is worth repairing or is not are : –

Cost of repair is high than expected due to age of the machine. 

Has the machine been repaired before, and how much have a customer popped out at first?

Lastly, the nature of the problem. 

Over the phone with the helpdesk assistant, you must be advised to your full understanding and satisfaction knowing what steps to take after you have been given a quote and cons of going ahead with the repair, if you said thumbs up. It is also recommended that before calling any appliance repair company, you’re supposed to do a value versus price check, it is gong to help you not to go back and forth with what the repairs guys say.

How Does One Go About Finding Expert Repair Work For Their Washing Machine?

When you’re on a journey of finding someone to repair your washing machine, the results must be that you came across the reliable, trusted and affordable service provider who will get the job right the first time.

There are compulsory directions you can take to find a best technician for your washing machine, like word of mouth, asking your friends or neighbors and see who they revert you to. Also going online can greatly help you, as you will see reviews from different customers. 

The good thing about calling the company is that you’ll be able to ask if there are no hidden costs and if the repairs take a day or two.

What Does The Repair Company Do When They Arrive On - Site?

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This blog-post has discussed a bit more when it comes to the pricing and things to look into before repairing or buying a new machine.

We hope that this information can help you get a trustworthy and reputable technician from a reliable washing machine repairs company who are going to a thumbs up job.

If you are looking for faster, reliable and affordable appliance repair in Pretoria, feel free and call us on 061 462 2153. You’re guaranteed a same-day or next-day services to all of our local customers and our prices start from just R850.